Download: Understanding & Reducing False Positives in Software Security

Reduce False Positive Vulnerabilities and their Effect

Learn more about the danger of false positives, how to reduce them, and the benefit of Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

In this whitepaper, we discuss the causes of false positives and what strategies can be used to reduce them.

A false positive is an alert or warning that is generated by a security system but does not indicate the presence of a real threat. False positives can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  1. Imperfect, outdated, or incomplete detection rules

  2. Misconfigured or incorrectly utilized security systems

  3. Environmental factors, such as latency, network congestion, or large spikes in traffic

  4. Malicious actors deliberately attempting to generate false positive alerts in order to overwhelm or distract security teams from actual intrusion attempts

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reduce security false positives in your OSS
reduce security false positives in your OSS