Enhance your digital assets' protection with Apona, a trusted leader in cybersecurity. Our advanced solutions safeguard software applications, reduce vulnerabilities, and ensure integrity. Our comprehensive security stack includes SCA (Software Composition Analysis), SAST (Static Application Security Testing), SCD (Supply Chain Defense), and ADM (Application Dependency Mapping), empowering businesses to fortify their development lifecycle against breaches and risks.

Empowering Secure Software Solutions

Why is it important?

Understanding the risks behind your source code conserves precious time, money, and labor while improving trust for stakeholders and customers alike.

Better Collaboration

Increased Efficiency

Superior Protection

Process Automation

Cost Reduction

ASSESS - Assess vulnerabilities associated with your proprietary source code and open-source components.

PRIORITIZE - Review your security assessment results and create a plan of action.

UPDATE & MAINTAIN - Integrate your CI/CD functions to enforce security policies and update new vulnerabilities as they appear.

REMEDIATE - Utilize our patch recommendations to quickly remediate vulnerabilities and license issues.

Secure Code Review

Apona incorporates a patented 3-layer SCA technology and SAST solution to capture vulnerabilities from open-source and proprietary-source components, coding errors, and other sources.

SBOM Creation

Our quick and painless SBOM capabilities create an accurate inventory of the software components used in your application, providing full transparency into unseen vulnerabilities and license issues.

Remediation Plan

Receive clear and actionable patch recommendations to quickly remediate security issues and effortlessly fix vulnerabilities with instant solutions for vulnerable functions.

Accurate & Transparent Reporting

Easily generate and share security assessments with stakeholders in multiple formats, proving your code is ready to survive in harsh environments.





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