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At Apona Security, we build comprehensive and competitively priced security solutions to help organizations understand and fortify their source code. Delivered through a streamlined cloud platform, we provide the largest range of Software Composition Analysis (SCA) functions on the market, from secure code review to transparent reporting.

Secure Code Review

Our sea-riously effective Secure Code Review process incorporates a patented 3-layer SCA technology and Static Application Security Testing (SAST), capturing vulnerabilities from open-source components, coding errors, and other sources.

Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) Creation

Our quick and painless SBOM capabilities create an accurate inventory of the software components used in your application, providing full transparency into vulnerabilities and license issues that lurk beneath the surface.

Remediation Plan

Our decision support tools provide clear and actionable patch recommendations, helping you to quickly remediate security issues and stay above the water.

Accurate and Transparent Reporting

Our reporting tools allow you to easily generate and share security assessments with stakeholders in multiple formats, proving your code is ready to survive in harsh environments.

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Why is it important?

Understanding the risks behind your source code conserves precious time, money, and labor while improving trust for stakeholders and customers alike.

Better Collaboration

Increased Efficiency

Superior Protection

Process Automation

Cost Reduction

Navigate the depths

ASSESS - assess vulnerabilities associated with your proprietary source code and open-source components

PRIORITIZE - review your security assessment results and create a plan of action

UPDATE & MAINTAIN - integrate your CI/CD functions to enforce security policies and update new vulnerabilities as they appear

REMEDIATE - utilize our patch recommendations to quickly remediate vulnerabilities and license issues

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We've partnered with many leading organizations to deliver insights and solutions for their source code security

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