Supply Chain Defense

Stop supply chain attacks in your development lifecycle while increasing development velocity

Our Supply Chain Defense technology is designed to provide a robust shield against threats, ensuring your software supply chain remains secure, resilient, and reliable.

Explore how this cutting-edge solution can protect your organization and maintain the integrity of your software ecosystem, offering an array of tools and capabilities to detect and neutralize potential threats in your supply chain.

With our solution, you can safeguard your development processes without compromising development velocity. Our integrated approach ensures that security measures seamlessly integrate into your workflow, enabling you to enhance the resilience of your supply chain while maintaining a rapid development pace.

How it works

Our Supply Chain Defense Technology employs a multifaceted approach to safeguard your software supply chain. It combines advanced scanning and monitoring with real-time threat intelligence to detect and respond to potential risks.

This technology goes beyond surface-level defenses, diving deep into your supply chain, and can effectively:

  • Identify Threats: Detect security vulnerabilities, malicious components, and vulnerabilities in your supply chain.

  • Monitor Continuously: Continuously monitor your software components for any irregular activities or changes.

  • Prioritize Remediation: Prioritize security threats based on potential impact and remediate them promptly.

  • Integrate Seamlessly: Seamlessly integrate this technology into your existing software development workflows.


Enhanced Security: Protect your software supply chain and valuable data against potential threats.

Efficiency: Streamline your software supply chain management by identifying and addressing threats proactively.

Compliance Assurance: Ensure that your software complies with industry-specific standards and regulations.

Use Cases

Third-Party Vendor Risk Management: Safeguard against threats from third-party vendors in your supply chain.

Compliance and Audits: Stay prepared for compliance audits by proactively managing supply chain risks.

Software Release Security: Ensure the security of your software releases by addressing vulnerabilities and threats.

  • Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings: Apona's supply chain defense technology enhances efficiency, generates cost savings, minimizes disruptions, and safeguards against penalties or reputational damage

  • Enhance Security: Enhance supply chain resilience through data-driven insights for seamless adaptation to market changes and disruptions.

  • Improve Resilience: Enhance supply chain resilience through data-driven insights for seamless adaptation to market changes and disruptions.

  • Enhanced Risk Management: Elevate supply chain visibility and control through real-time tracking, analytics, and predictive modeling to proactively address disruptions, bottlenecks, and security threats, minimizing the impact of unforeseen events.

Protect Your Operations and Mitigate Risks

Strengthen Your Supply Chain with Advanced Defense Technology

Stop Supply Chain Attacks

End-to-End Watchdog Security

Enforce Your Policy

Proactively detect and stop malicious packages, maintainers, and behaviors while using open source packages with our gateway. Protect against attacks such as: Typosquatting, Dependency Confusion, and Starjacking.

Our end-to-end, agent-less watchdog for open source packages offers coverage throughout your organization's software development lifecycle, from the download phase on developer workstations to build stages, deployment, and runtime. With our protection, your applications will be secure at every stage of their lifecycle.

By allowing you to create deeply customizable workflows for your environments, projects, groups, users, and network locations, we shift the responsibility for the use of open source packages from developers to dedicated security teams. This "shift left" approach ensures that security is considered from the earliest stages of the development process.

Ready to see our Supply Chain Defense Technology in action?

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