Building and maintaining sustainable, secure IT environments requires flexible and cost-efficient software supply chain solutions that enable symbiotic relationships between developers and customers.

Developers need easy-to-use technologies that enable them to identify known and unknown vulnerabilities. Companies purchasing software need visibility into the components used to evaluate whether the software aligns with their security goals.

By combining software composition analysis (SCA) and static application security testing (SAST), Apona's cost-efficient, scalable solution balances component visibility with documentation and assurance to build sustainable, secure, technology ecosystems.

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Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

Secure Code Review

Vulnerability Detections with Patch Recommendations

Comprehensive and accurate SBOMs provide detailed documentation for visibility into modified and unmodified software components enabling a shared understanding of the software’s security across all stakeholders.

Detecting all OSS components is critical to identifying vulnerabilities that create data breach risks to foster resilience and governance across the software ecosystem.

Detecting code clones across projects provides visibility into known and unknown risks arising from intra-project vulnerabilities for cost-efficient, sustainable ecosystem risk mitigation.

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