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As technology companies and development teams “shift security left,” DevSecOps is mission critical to saving money and producing quality products. By combining software composition analysis (SCA) with Static Application Security Testing (SAST) capabilities, Apona reduces the tool proliferation problem associated with DevSecOps.

Apona uses a patented code segmentation technology that detects partially reused components with 91% accuracy and an average scanning time of under one minute. Our SAST tool is more accurate than line-level tools and completes scans twice as fast. With Apona, organizations can detect and patch vulnerabilities across library, kernel, and intra-project reuse.

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Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

Secure Code Review

Vulnerability Detections with Patch Recommendations

Comprehensive and accurate SBOMs provide detailed documentation into software components, enabling stronger security, enhanced third-party risk documentation for customers, and shorter sales cycles.

Detecting all OSS components is critical to identifying vulnerabilities that mitigate data breach risks.

Detecting code clones across projects provides visibility into known and unknown risks arising from intra-project vulnerabilities to mitigate data breach risks.

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