Software Development

Our suite of security technologies is engineered to empower your software development process.

Let's explore how our cutting-edge solutions enhance your software development journey:

Comprehensive Software Inventory

Accelerated Due Diligence

License Compliance

SCA generates detailed SBOM, providing a complete inventory of software components. This simplifies tracking, management, and compliance for developers.

Easily track and manage open-source licenses, avoiding legal and compliance issues in your software.

For organizations undergoing third-party vendor management due diligence, our accurate SBOMs streamline processes, instilling trust and accelerating deal closures.

Software Composition Analysis & Software Bill of Materials

Early Vulnerability Detection

Continuous Scanning

Codebase Analysis

Identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities at the early stages of development, ensuring robust protection for your applications.

Analyze your source code for potential security issues, allowing developers to write secure code from the ground up.

Seamlessly integrate SAST into your development workflow, ensuring security checks throughout the software development lifecycle.

Static Application Security Testing

Vendor Risk Management

Faster Deal Closures

Compliance Assurance

Strengthen your third-party vendor risk management by using accurate SBOMs, ensuring transparency and trust in your supply chain.

Ensure your software complies with industry-specific security standards, allowing you to enter regulated markets with confidence.

Respond to customer needs with accurate and available SBOMs, helping your organization close deals faster and more efficiently.

Supply Chain Defense

Optimized Performance

Capacity Planning

Security and Compliance

Streamline your application's performance by identifying and resolving bottlenecks and dependencies, improving the user experience.

Efficiently allocate resources and scale your infrastructure based on a precise understanding of your application dependencies, enhancing efficiency.

Application Dependency Mapping

Ensure your applications meet security and compliance standards by identifying vulnerabilities and taking prompt action to remediate them.

Need to elevate your software development journey?

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