View: Understanding & Reducing False Positives in Software Security

Apona’s code segmentation technology detects partially reused components with industry-high accuracy with an average scanning time of under one minute.

Our SCA tool, Labrador is leading the market in three key areas: Functionality, Usability, and Maintainability


  • Labrador has the ability to access S/W function units, vulnerabilities within specific functions, and a single library of open source

  • Our software provides a detailed definition of the vulnerabilities found with additional information on how to remediate the vulnerability.

  • The versatility of Apona's SCA tool, Labrador, generates detailed reports with desired information, enabling management to set priorities.


  • The Labrador interface has the ability to compare vulnerabilities, track progress, generate SBOM reports, and leave memos in scanning results.

  • Our software supports other development tools or APIs without requiring a separate tool or program to install.


  • When errors occur, Labrador can identify the problem from the error code.

  • Vulnerabilities and licensing policies can be customized within the Labrador platform.

false positives in OSSfalse positives in OSS