Software Composition Analysis

Scan code across the file, component, and function level to identify OSS with 91% precision.

Developers partially or completely structurally change open-source code 95% of the time. Our tools enable organizations to generate high-fidelity SBOMs that build the customer trust and loyalty during the due diligence process. With advanced visibility and documentation over ecosystem security, organizations can use the documentation to complete deals faster by accelerating their third-party vendor management due diligence processes.

Apona’s Software Code Analysis (SCA) uses redundancy elimination technology to scan code across file, component, and function levels, detecting modified OSS and nested OSS components, generating high-fidelity SBOMs. Apona’s scalable technology collects all functions across all versions of an OSS project, then removes redundancies.

With pattern recognition technology, Apona detects cases where OSS is reused in its entirety or partially, including manual structural or source code adjustments. Apona’s code segmentation technology detects partially reused components with 91% accuracy with an average scanning time of under one minute.

Unleash the power of secure software development

Streamline your vulnerability management process with detailed and actionable reports

Stay one step ahead of vulnerabilities with our comprehensive approach and function-level analysis

Revolutionize the way developers identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in their codebase. By automatically scanning and analyzing every component and dependency within your software, Apona enables you to proactively identify and address security risks, ensuring robust protection for your applications and valuable user data. With our comprehensive and user-friendly interface, our SCA tool empowers development teams to seamlessly integrate secure coding practices into their workflows, reducing the time and effort required to build resilient software. Stay one step ahead of cyber threats and safeguard your software applications.

Our patented technology empowers organizations to efficiently identify and address potential security risks within their software components. Gain comprehensive visibility into your application's open-source libraries, dependencies, and licensing information, ensure compliance and reduce the chances of security breaches. Our automated scanning and analysis capabilities provide you with in-depth reports that pinpoint vulnerabilities, prioritize remediation efforts, and offer actionable insights to strengthen your overall security posture. Don't let vulnerabilities go unnoticed, proactively protect your software assets and maintain a robust security framework.

Equip your development teams with the power to proactively identify and mitigate security risks at the core of your software. Our cutting-edge solution employs a multifaceted strategy that goes beyond surface-level scanning, diving deep into the functions and dependencies of your codebase. By meticulously examining the composition of your software, we uncover hidden vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses, allowing you to fortify your applications against emerging threats. Confidently navigate the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, to ensure your software remains robust, reliable, and secure.

Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

Our quick and painless SBOM capabilities create an accurate inventory of the software components used in your application, providing full transparency into vulnerabilities and license issues that lurk beneath the surface.

  • Accuracy: Secure code requires knowing everything that developers have used, no matter how heavily modified to achieve desired outcomes.

  • Speed: While critical, SCA should be viewed as an enabler to avoid leading to undermined developer productivity.

  • Scalability: Our adaptable SCA solution can scan massive amounts of code, allowing developers to build new features and capabilities without reducing productivity.

  • Customer trust and loyalty: Accurate SBOMs give our customers the transparency they need when engaging in due diligence as part of third-party vendor risk management.

  • Compliance: Accurate OSS documentation enables organizations to enter highly regulated and lucrative markets, like financial services and healthcare.

  • Faster time to close deals: Accurate and available SBOMs respond to customer needs and help organizations close deals faster.

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