Mergers & Acquisitions

Understanding the breadth and depth of an acquisition or merger target’s cybersecurity risk is critical to financial stability, reputation, and pricing.

Security vulnerabilities in an acquisition or merger target’s code can undermine the transaction’s value by increasing cybersecurity, compliance, and legal liability risks. To adequately appraise the target’s cybersecurity posture, organizations need visibility into all software components to determine known and unknown cybersecurity risks embedded within applications.

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Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

Secure Code Review

Vulnerability Detections with Patch Recommendations

Comprehensive and accurate SBOMs provide detailed documentation into software components, enabling a more precise evaluation of a target’s potential cybersecurity, compliance, and legal liability risks.

Detecting all OSS components is critical to identifying vulnerabilities that create data breach risks and impact the target’s valuation.

Detecting code clones across projects provides visibility into known and unknown risks arising from intraproject vulnerabilities to mitigate risks that impact the target’s valuation.

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